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Noise policy

I.I – Bottle Policy 

Club Quantum takes careful consideration about any potential noise that could be created by manoeuvring and emptying our bottle bins. The residents of ‘The Potteries` and adjacent neighbours will be a minding factor of noise consideration. We at Club Quantum understand that there is concern around how we maintain and control our noise levels.

The procedure will be carefully carried out to minimize noise and breakage to maintain our noise control levels. 

The procedure of emptying our bottle bins is as follows: -

All bottle bins that are full, half full or quarter full, by the end of each working day, official working hours, not after 23:00pm, on each working day will be taken down into the complex’s waste management area. This is to maintain a clean, tidy and hygienic Club space. 

Bottles after this time will be left by our recycling bins and emptied the next day.

Our bottles, cans and recycling will be placed into closed top bins inside our venue. Once bins are full and need emptying, we will then place our bins onto a movable trolly, which will be taken through our venue lifts and not exterior access via foot behind apartments (to ensure a quiet route of access to bins below). The bins will then be taken down via our accessible elevator, to lower car park bin store, and emptied into the correct waste bins. 

Times of bottle emptying procedures into the complex’s waste management area / bottle bins via the Club:

  • Monday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm
  • Tuesday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm
  • Wednesday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm
  • Thursday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm
  • Friday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm
  • Saturday: Bottles will be emptied no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 9:00pm

  • Our 3rd party waste removal Company to empty bins Monday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm.


I.II - Noise Policy External

Club Quantum understands that having an outside seating area comes with cause of concern by The Residents of ‘The Potteries` and adjacent neighbours. 

Club Quantum will close its exterior usage of outside space at 11pm on any late-night evenings and festive periods. This is to encourage reduced noise with the Pantiles communal and residential areas.

The club will pack tables & chairs away and request customers move inside to finish drinks or leave the venues tables at 11pm. The club will not allow 'customers' to continue drinking or serve alcohol after this time for it to be consumed outside its premises doors.

Club Quantum wants to ensure all of `The Residents` and adjacent neighbours, which our Private Members are given four different types of verbal, written and signed for reminders in regards to the noise policy.  We will have noise reminders on drinks-menu cards along within the footer of our website ‘’Nosie Policy’’ . In addition, we have our own set of ‘House Rules’ that Club Members must adhere to which cover consideration of others, noise control and behavioural conduct. Members will sign the House Rules, digitally, when applying for membership.

Members and Customers will:

This is to make sure that all customers of our Café and Private Members Club are continuously reminded to remain mindful of the residents of ‘The Potteries` and adjacent neighbours. 

If a member, members or customer do not comply with our noise guidelines and procedures, and continue to become a problem, they will receive a verbal warning from a member of staff or manager and door security at weekends. If this does not suffice, they will be asked to leave the premises for the evening.

This may lead into the membership being revoked and / or the customer being banned indefinitely and permanently from our venue.

Maintaining Consistency - Noise Policy:

Noise assessments should be carried out when necessary e.g:

  • On existing un-assessed noise sources
  • Prior to launching new entertainment event
  • When planning alterations
  • Before introducing new machinery

Reviews should be undertaken regularly e.g:

  • Periodically Testing (e.g. once a year)
  • After introducing new sources and/or controls
  • Following a complaint

To raise a complaint

  • When monitoring procedures identify that controls are inadequate

It is important to remember matters such as:

  • Nature of noise in the club
  • Noise heard at the perimeter of the property
  • Proximity of noise-sensitive dwellings around The Potteries & Pantiles
  • History of any noise complaints from neighbours or local authorities
  • All other noise generated in the area from other sources i.e. transport and industry


  • This policy will form within the employee handbook.

Responding to a complaint:

Occasionally our premises may receive complaints about noise. To show due consideration in residential communities we will follow these best practices.

To raise a complaint:

  • Staff to log and report any complaints to the manager/duty manager via a CRM system and Verbal . The manager will follow up with checking the noise limiter is still functional and CCTV if required is on and working. The manager will investigate and will follow up with the complaint with any findings and solutions.
  • Where possible seek advice from our outsourced specialists in noise control if this continues Pace Consult / reference: PC-23-0114
  • Remember, the hearing of someone who has been inside the building may have been affected by raised noise levels making the noise outside seem quieter.
  • Club Quantum can’t control the noise of its customers once left the venues immediate proximity or to any residents whom continue to make noise on the exterior of their building and main entrance.


Noise Limitation and Levels:

Club Quantum specifically excludes amplified music or live entertainment during the hours 23:00 to 07:00. As such the below noise limits should not prevent typical operation of the proposed development during the licenced hours.

With regards to activity during the licenced hours, which may include amplified music and live music performances we will ensure we meet the recommended criteria by our outsourced independent sound advisor of 25 dB LAeq,T and to use the NR20 noise rating curve octave band values as limits. This represents a level 10 dB below the
daytime noise criteria of BS 8233
: 2014 Guidance on Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction in Buildings but should not prove overly restrictive to the intended use of the club.

The club will have a noise limiter installed within its coms room, capable of adjusting 1/3 octave band noise levels is used to control amplified music and instrument nose within its premises, to the limits set out below It may also be necessary for manned measurements to be competed in order to assist with achieving the LA10 1/3 octave band noise limits.

If live or music events are on we will not have the external facades sliding-doors open which will amplify sound.